The pantograph to described numerical control in these pages, is only the last one of several the prototypes realizes to you (last realization 1995).


frontal sight
lateral sight
recording on wood, with removal of the contours

The previous prototypes have concurred to me to exceed all the difficulties: mechanics, electronic and software, than such realization introduce. The obtained precision is of 1/50 of milimeter, optimal considering the paltry cost regarding that one of the pantographs in commerce. It has moreover the advantage to operate on all and the three aces in way proporziona them, contrarily to many pantographs that work on the two aces (X Y) with the Z axis on-off.



It is made of working of the wood plate. After to have realized written to the Personal the Computer, the pantograph executes the recording leaving the written one in relief.


The used milling machine can be reperire in whichever store for hobby. Council to insert a regolator of turns, in order to find the just speed of spin for every type of material.


Posterior sight of the three connectors for the commando motor nonchè the attack for the connection to the door parallel, and the taken one of feeding

   Short description follows one.





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