When I am decided to create the virtual simulator that you will have way to visionare from the photos, I have made it with the conviction that it was possible to realize some with little moneies (if rapportato to those in commerce), for this with does not turn out you inferior to many of those commercializes to you.      


one difficult decision

After to have winnowed several hypotheses, the choice fell on a not interactive system: the subject passively endures the movement of the simulator .
To manage an interactive simulator, meant to enter in the software of a videogame and   to read the data necessary in order to know to interpret which it had to be the position of the simulator in every moment of the game. This would have involved a loss of time that risked to extinguish the enthusiasm . 

That determined one, the main ones chosen to take were :

1) like realizing the structure  
2) which actuators usare               
3) which it arranges visual to adopt


  it is hour to leave

The structure simpler to realize was, probably, a chair that could move in the sense of pitch and rolling, that it was light and not expensive: a chair from garden in pvc me seemed that adapted more. The carrying structure was constituted from an arm on which I fixed a ship-boy of the wheel of Fiat 127 in order to obtain the movement of rolling, to which fastened an arm to U that in its turn resisted the chair imperniata to a support in order to concur the pitch .


As actuators I had to choose between: 1) linear actuators electrical workers, simple in the commando system but expensive and little expresses. 2) hydraulic pistons, much powerful, but with a pump from the remarkable cost and particular precautions seen high pressure in game. 3) it did not remain that the pistons to air : fast ,  energy source a compressor that I had already ,   costs (comprised the elettrovalvole) acceptable .
And if the speed had been exaggerated? Not problem is, being the computer much fast one in the elaboration (in the order of 1/100 of second) and having of the sensors of position on the pistons, this last one will obligate the pistons to move in the demanded way (
wrong deduction, you read the continuation ).



the visual system, a lot important to the ends of the realism, deserved one spold consisting more, therefore neither monitor, neither tv great screen but glances at them dipped (the maximum to you in this field) .

before the time is difficult

It is born therefore "first prototype ". (realized 1998)

After a pair of months I was ready for the test, the f¨ result a nervous and little controlable system. After several tests: modifications on the pressure and ruotine software in order to sweeten the movements, I deduced what I would have had previously to intuire: it is true that the computer is fast in reacting to i movements of i pistons but the elettrovalvola has a hysteresis that added to the comprimibilitÓ of the air, rendered all the controlable one difficultly .

I entered in crisis, it wants to abandon was strong but after all that job to surrender was just a sin . 
What to make, to abandon the air and to verify if was only one the pistons and the used elettrovalvole, succeeded to work with the water that is not comprimibile. With mine I add it appeal to the valves worked also with the water, did not remain that to acquire one pump for autoclave with one good prevalence, in order to guarantee one good pressure to the pistons . 

an other thing is all

it is born 
"second prototype"       ( realized 2000)                     

I changed also the chassis, rendering it sturdier and adding to a third party movimemto of translation realized with the staple of one motorcycle .
As seat I used that one of an car, more wrapping and comfortable. To the first test the difference with the previous system was obvious, the movement was soft but enough fast, perhaps too much, for which decided to choke the sent ones to the piston of the rolling, until finding the just compromise. Of the pitch I inserted in series to the existing elettrovalvola an other that guaranteed me the choice of two various speeds .

And the filmato one? Simplest to realize I obtained it recording from playstation one contest of formula1 with sight from the nside, obviously on the tortuoso circuit: Montecarlo .

To this point it did not remain that to prepare the rows to give in meal to the program that would have set in action the chair in coherent way with the filmato one .

But something lacked in order to render the simulation realistic: the vibration created from the motor .
Between the methods for being able to simulate the effect vibration of the simplest and economic motor it can be realized with a motor on whose axis comes fastened an eccentric. For having a verosimile effect, it had to find a motor to low turns and to command of the speed based on the sound of the motor in cap .
The other more expensive but more realistic method is the use of a pillow that vibrates to the same frequency of the reproduced sound in cap .
In spite of the cost I opted for the second possibility


It did not remain to me, therefore, than to make to try the simulator to some friend in order to understand how much was verosimile all. The reaction, with my great satisfaction, was of true enthusiasm. The good resolution of this prototype, has pushed to think to me next to the realization of an other type of structure, various from the previous one, but from the effects still more exciting .
If you want to see filmato of the simulator
video ( you attend one time)




it is under construction   new prototype








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