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the Mobile Platform  has moved from 2 electric Motor to 24V 120W.


The Platform offers the advantage: to be very light and therefore easily transportable.

It has an obstructed lower part, therefore you can be lodged in a small environment.

It absorbs only 300w max.



It is silent and you can also be used in the nighttime hours





  the thing most important: it is very simple to build alone .



The Platform can be moved on two acsis: pitching and rolling. The incliantion possible of all four movement is of 30 degrees.







































































The sketches make the operation clearer without need of a lot of explanations.












The system of movement of pitching and rolling it is composed from 3 pieces: base, crib, support.






For the operation of the rolling, the crib flows on the bearing fixed to the base.









From the following sketches the structure is seen with some of the possible movements.









Contemporary's example movement of pitch and roll




Not to insert the hands in the inferior part during the movement of the mobile system.  To always cover the mobile part with a protection panel.